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Good Love in the Couple

One of the easiest, clearest, and most understandable of the entire list of books to read as a couple.

Good love in a couple, you can understand everything that happens in a marriage and relationships that makes it work and does not work.

One of the strengths is that Joan Garriga at no time talks about utopias or ideal situations and behaviors, but rather talks about hypothetical cases and how one could act against them.

It is a book where we can find in a simple and pleasant way the elements that make up a lasting relationship and the elements that make it not work.

In this book, the author exposes these elements in such a way that you can mix the elements that you like the most and that suit you and your marriage and relationships, through tips, since it is not discussed in the ideal model's book.


The Art of Loving

Deep reflection on what love is and what it means. The author himself speaks in the book of love as a maturity trait, as well as a personal marriage and relationships.

The Art of Loving is a work with which Erich Fromm has helped several generations to reflect on love and answer some seemingly simple questions:

What does it mean to love?

How to detach ourselves from ourselves to experience this feeling?

From explains to us that love is not just a personal marriage and relationships, but a mature trait that manifests itself in various ways: erotic love, fraternal love, filial love, self-love.

It also tells us that love is not something fleeting and mechanical, as today's society sometimes leads us to believe. On the contrary, love is an art, the fruit of learning.


Love is an art, the fruit of learning

Therefore, if we want to learn to love, we must act as we would if we wanted to learn any other art, be it music the painting the carpentry or the art of medicine or at least not dedicate our energy to achieve success and money, prestige and power, but to cultivate the true art of loving.

The 5 Languages ​​of Love How is it expressed? How does it work?

These and other questions are answered in "The 5 languages ​​of Love" in which you will learn to deal with this phenomenon in a better way.

It exposes the theory that love has five different languages ​​of expression and that people acquire a predominant language.

The reflection that leads us to do is that we have to know our language of predominant love and the predominant language of the couple, learn to speak it so that we can understand each other in the marriage and relationships, and develop a love that lasts.

The complaint most voiced by women about men is that they do not listen.

Either the man ignores her when she talks to him, or he listens for a few seconds, assesses what is bothering her, and then proudly takes on the role of fixer and offers a solution to make her feel better.

She wants empathy, but he thinks she wants solutions.

The most voiced complaint is that they are always trying to change them. When a woman loves a man, she feels responsible for his growth and tries to help him.

Form a Home Improvement Commission. You think you are stimulating him, while he thinks you are controlling him.

This is a paragraph from the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, by John Gray.

We love this book because it is loaded with topics, which for a reason are and it was one of the first books we read together, in this book we read about differences and how when we live together we forget them.

We hope that the opposite sex is like us, that they want what we want, and that they feel what we feel. And that cannot be. And we forget it every day.

Healing marriage and relationships

In this book, Raimon provides a total of 5 pieces of advice among which you will learn to put aside the ego that corrodes us so much or, for example, to avoid and dissolve that fear of abandonment that worries practically the majority of the population that lives with a partner.

We rescued a phrase that we loved from his book: “Each person, each marriage and relationship, comes to you for mutual healing.

All relationships become a lesson in love. This is the end of conscious relationships: save you from the nightmare of living from the ego.

Divine Madness Love

The whole story itself supposes a deep reflection on love, through which you have to go through a series of stages such as: the disappointments, the reunions, The hits, and those crazy things that happen sporadically.

This time, through fiction, Walter Riso introduces us to a world where reality and fantasy intermingle until we reach the very essence of love.

Starting from Greek wisdom, the author shows us that the original vision of love that our culture has not yet been able to fully decipher.


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