Is it true that eating celery or drinking celery juice makes you lose weight?

celery juice weight loss

The fame of celery as a slimming agent has been around for several years, it is not new. Already in the 60s celery was taken to lose weight for its diuretic and laxative properties.

Celery has been called the food with 'negative calories', a bit of an 'exaggerated' expression since raw celery has so few calories (17 kcal per 100 g) and high fiber content, that more calories are spent in their digestion of which they contribute.

Celery is a very beneficial food, low in calories, rich in fiber, supports vitamins K and B, minerals such as calcium and potassium and can help you lose weight ... As long as we incorporate celery in a healthy and balanced diet.



The celery juice weight loss diet has been around the internet for years, promising to lose one or two kilos in a day. It consists of drinking raw celery juice or hot celery broth, for a day, without eating anything else, you can only drink water.

With celery juice, the diuretic effect is noticeable quickly, and you will go to the bathroom to pee several times, and after a few hours, you may also notice the laxative effect and go to the bathroom to make bigger waters.

In women, celery juice weight loss has a more pronounced effect when there is fluid retention due to the menstrual cycle, or menopause since celery also has effects on estrogens, but I will explain the contraindications later.

Being one day with raw celery juice weight loss or boiled celery broth will help you lose weight, but ... we must not forget that we are mainly eliminating water, not losing fat,

so that the lost kilos will be recovered when eating again, and spending a day on juice or celery broth can leave you without energy, and in a bad mood ...

When can the celery cure help?

Some people need a push to change the chip and start eating healthy and exercising, and one-day detox diets can be their first step.

The celery diet can be a 'reset' or 'clean slate' in your diet. Psychologically, spending a day on a detox diet with liquids can help you to consider your diet, forget about the excesses of Christmas, and prepare yourself to eat healthier and exercise.

The advantage of taking celery is that it is a diuretic and laxative food, as well as remineralizing, so if you hydrate properly, you will go hungry for 24 hours, but the next day you will notice less swelling, more lightness, and you've probably lost a kilo or two in weight.

If thanks to celery, you intend to start a good life plan, with a healthy and balanced diet, exercise, and good life habits, then you will lose weight, little by little, lose fat, and gain muscle in a few months.



Celery (Apium graveolens) is a plant species belonging to the Apiaceae family, it is a cousin of parsley, fennel, carrot, dill ... and even the poisonous hemlock.

Although we have celery all year round, it is actually a winter vegetable, and it is of Mediterranean origin, which we can find in ancient Greek, Roman, Viking, and other European cultures recipes, and it has been a plant widely used in natural medicine. European for its properties.

In our country, we usually take celery stalks, but you can also take the root or celeriac. The best way to take advantage of the properties of celery is to take it raw, either the stems or the juice, although it is also eaten cooked to soften the strong flavor and to flavor soups, purees, and other dishes with vegetables.

You can also find dried and ground celery powder as a substitute for salt to flavor dishes, although it also provides sodium, so it should not be abused if you are reducing the amount of salt.


Diuretic, Rich in vitamins and minerals, Slightly sedating, Digestive and carminative, Laxative and rich in fiber, Lowers blood glucose levels and helps in diabetes, Improve memory, Helps the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys, Its consumption helps prevent and eradicate the virus and bacterial infections, Improve defenses, Emmenagogue effect favors menstruation, Reduces symptoms of PMS and pain and fluid retention on menstrual days, And with so many properties, the fame of celery as an aphrodisiac could not be missing.

Celery contraindications

In the case of celery, its high content of oxalates can cause kidney problems and it is not recommended to exceed it when there is kidney and bladder inflammation.

Its apiin content makes celery an emmenagogue plant, or that favors menstruation, but this substance also has its negative side,

since in excess, it can be abortive, so you should avoid abusing celery if you want to have a family or in pregnancy.

What if instead of making a day of celery juice I take it on an empty stomach every day?

The 2019 version of the celery juice weight loss diet is different, it recommends starting the day with a glass of celery juice on an empty stomach, and having breakfast after an hour or two.

On the websites that advise it, they say that it can be done for an indeterminate time and that you will reduce inflammation and related diseases, especially autoimmune, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Although there are no scientific studies that demonstrate these benefits.

This variant of drinking celery juice on an empty stomach is all the rage in the US, and that's where the trend comes from.

It may seem easier for you to follow since afterward you can eat at your leisure the rest of the day, but ... it also has its drawbacks.

Celery is a very fibrous food, which requires good chewing, when making celery juice weight loss or juice or smoothie, you get to squeeze a lot of celery ... And more is not always better.


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