5 Characteristics of Christian Marriage and Relationships

christian marriage and relationships

What is the distinction between a marriage of two devotees and one that isn't?

Certainly, Christian marriage and relationships and non-Christian marriages face difficulties and even superficially they can be seen in a similar way.

But there are 5 characteristics that make a marriage in Christ radically different:

Purpose. From the Christian marriage and relationships perspective, marriage exists for the glory of God. It is not primarily for my happiness, glory, or will but for God's.

When a man and a woman unite in Christ they live together to glorify God through loving, serving, and respecting each other.

The purpose is not in them, but in something greater than them: God. (Romans 11:36)

Dynamic. Another interesting feature is the internal dynamics of marital love.

The source of love is not found in the other person but in God himself.

He and she know that they are loved by Christ first. Its identity, value, and meaning are found in God. Not in the other.

This allows loving the spouse even when it is difficult to do so because I know that I am loved by God himself and I can do the same for her.

The dynamic of married love is based on the love of God. (Ephesians 5:25)

Priority. Closely related to the previous point, In the Christian marriage and relationships concept of marriage "we love each other more, when we love each other less" (said of John Piper).

That is, the husband must love God above all things, including his own wife.

The same must be true of her. Doing it differently, that is, loving her more than God, is defined as idolatry: treating something created as if it were the creator. By loving my wife more than God, I would be “loving” her in a sinful way and therefore love her less.

But if my first love is in God, I will love her in the most glorious way that two creatures can love each other.

The priority in marriage is outside the couple, it is with God. (Hebrews 13: 4)

Basis. The basis of the relationship between wife and husband is the grace of God.

God's undeserved love for two sinners coming together is the strongest foundation for maintaining a relationship through good times and bad.

Why forgive offenses, love when it is difficult or serve when self-comfort costs: by the grace we have received from God I can do this and more for my spouse.

The foundation of Christian marriage is grace in Christ. (Galatians 5: 22–23)

Roles. The Christian marriage and relationships perspective of the roles in marriage are neither sexist nor feminist, they are divine.

Men and women are equal in dignity, worth, and glory. He and she are equally sinners in need of the grace of the cross.

However, God has given roles in marriage.

The man has been given the privilege of imitating Christ in his leadership.

Caring for, providing, and directing the home is the fundamental role of the man.

God has given the woman the privilege of imitating Christ in her submission.

Loving, respecting, and following the leadership of another sinner saved by grace is the fundamental role of women.

The roles in Christian marriage and relationships are of divine origin. (Colossians 3: 17-19)


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