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types of dog training

What are the types of dog training?

Training our dog is essential, not only for themselves but also to have a good coexistence, so it is essential that we begin to educate him from the moment he arrives at our house as a puppy.

We always want the best for them, be it the best feed, the best toys, etc.

Well, we must also give him the best dog training classes.

Choosing the best dog training is very complicated due to the multitude of techniques that exist, so choosing one is not easy.

That is why below we show you, within the dog training Classes, the best ones so that you can choose more easily.

Specifically, we must point out that we can encompass dog training techniques in two blocks: those based on learning theory and those based on canine ethology.


Dog Training techniques based on learning theory

Dog Training techniques

These types of techniques are based on being more positive and eliminating punishments. Among the most important techniques that provide the best results we have:

Positive training Classes

This method is the best, from our point of view, since punishments are exempt, in addition to the fact that the dog has much more fun, learns faster and better and we will be able to strengthen the relationship with him.

Positive training classes consist of reinforcing desired behaviors and acts through reward and affection.

It will only be rewarded when the dog does what we want and if not, it will not be able to be rewarded and always without reacting with a punishment.

To start with this technique, we must create a vocabulary of gestures that we will later change for a word to teach the animal.

Above all, it takes a lot of patience and a willingness to work.

One against that we can find in this technique is that the animal will work and obey so that it is given a prize, that is what motivates it,

so we run the risk that some other thing will motivate it and ignore us


Conditioning training Classes

This type of dog training classes is very fun, although somewhat more complicated than the previous one.

The conditioning training consists of attaching something else to the prize, such as the well-known “Clicker”, a plastic box with a metal tab, which when pressed emits a sound.

When the animal performs the desired behavior, the clicker must be sounded and the prize is given afterward.

The animal associates well-done behavior with noise and therefore with food, so it will learn very quickly.

Mixed training Classes

To talk about mixed training classes we must give a brushstroke of what traditional training is. Well, this type of training classes,

which we do not like at all, consists of training the animal based on punishments and using choke collars, spikes, or electric shocks.

Mixed training classes, therefore, is a mix of traditional training classes and positive training classes.

This form of education can be beneficial in adult dogs that have complicated behavior and important measures must be taken to change it.

It consists of using punishment so that they do the behavior that is requested and once they learn and progress, the punishments are eliminated and a job well done is reinforced with food, prizes, and affection.

Another variation of this type of dog training classes can be to reward good behavior, but when I acted wrong, punish it.

This type can be very practical when working with any situation and provides a strong interest in learning

This system is very useful for dogs that are trained to do skills, agility, assistance dogs, ad dogs, etc.

Ethology-based Dog training classes techniques

Ethology-based Dog training

These types of techniques do not usually have many followers since they do not serve as training classes as such, although they work very well as support techniques for others.

They consist of leaving aside the techniques that we have explained above and are based on following the natural and instinctive behaviors of dogs.

To do this, the owner must be the leader of the pack and from there educate

Dog training Classes Tips and Tricks

Dog training Classes

Whichever technique you choose, you must bear in mind the following tips if you want it to be effective:

The training classes sessions should last about 5 minutes a day since if we are more we can saturate the dog.

The expressions that we use must always be easy to understand and above all, we must rely on gestures, which is what they understand best.

Choose well with what you are going to reward him, whether it is with a toy or with food, but it always has to be something that catches his attention.

Choose a quiet place, especially at the beginning, so that the dog does not get lost


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