Free Keto Meal Plan for Beginners | 7 Day Keto Diet Plan

free keto meal plan for beginners

The Free keto meal plan diet is one that induces the formation of ketone bodies through a considerable reduction in the intake of hydrates.

For those who choose the keto meal plan to lose weight today, we leave a complete weekly menu with a lot of ideas.

Keto Meal Plan weekly menu

One of the most complex things about the keto meal plan is solving complete meals without resorting to the usual cereals, legumes, fruits, and vegetables that can break the state of ketosis which is what ultimately promotes fat burning and weight loss.

For this reason, we leave some ideas for those who seek to implement this option, either to lose weight or to achieve muscle definition.

The key is to replace bread, cereals, and legumes with primarily protein alternatives, with quality fats and reduced in carbohydrates, such as eggs, cheeses, fish, or avocados.

An example of a weekly menu for the keto meal plan for beginners is the one shown below, with recipes included:



BREAKFAST Unsweetened tea and soufflé eggs with bacon.

MID-MORNING Handful of walnuts.

FOOD Light tuna quiche.

SNACK Sugar-free infusion with slices of cheese and ham.

DINNER Roasted avocados with mozzarella. A small plum


BREAKFAST Fluffy omelet

MID-MORNING Half a fresh orange and a handful of sunflower seeds.

FOOD Baked chicken breasts with Morbier cheese.

SNACK Natural unsweetened yogurt with chia seeds.

DINNER Baked salmon with nuts.


BREAKFAST Avocados with baked eggs

MID-MORNING Roasted pumpkin seeds or seeds.

MEAL Round roast beef with boiled eggs. Half peach

SNACK Natural unsweetened yogurt with chopped almonds.

DINNER Turkish eggs with yogurt.


BREAKFAST Cloud bread or cloud bread with fresh cheese.

MID-MORNING Handful of nuts.

FOOD Juicy chicken breast baked with 50 grams of lettuce with olive oil.

SNACK Creamy chocolate and avocado.

DINNER Cod omelet.



BREAKFAST Eggs in a Serrano ham casserole.

MID-MORNING Natural unsweetened yogurt with sunflower seeds.

FOOD Baked salmon with garlic sauce crust

SNACKSugar-free cheesecake with one or two strawberries only.

DINNER Baked avocados stuffed with salmon and egg.


MID MORNING Natural unsweetened yogurt with two slices of fresh cubed kiwi

FOOD Emincé turkey curry.

Nibble Tea or espresso without sugar with cuts of cheddar and ham.

DINNER Baked eggs on avocado with goat cheese.


BREAKFAST Quick omelet with fresh herbs.

MID-MORNING Natural unsweetened yogurt with chopped almonds.

FOOD Poached eggs with gulas and prawns. Half apricot

SNACK Tea or coffee without sugar and pannacotta with cocoa.

DINNER Eggs on the plate with sobrasada.

As the ketosis process depends largely on the energy required by the body, those who perform physical activity can include a higher proportion of low-carbohydrate fruits such as citrus fruits for example, or vegetables such as cabbages.

Nonetheless, individuals with a decreased caloric use may need to totally wipe out leafy foods from the eating regimen,

so we prescribe adjusting this week by week menu to the particularities of every shopper to exploit the keto meal plan.

And of course, to accompany this weekly diet and lose weight, it is advisable to do regular physical exercise, avoid alcohol and sugary drinks and instead, drink water as a regular liquid.


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