How to satisfy a man sexually: 10 tips | My Husband Satisifed


After knowing the advice on how to satisfy a woman in bed, we continue with this same topic but aimed at men.

Most of the sexual relationships that we have throughout life are for the sole purpose of having fun satisfied with husband.

Obviously, this is true when both members of the couple enjoy themselves and, therefore, more and more people ask me how to provide more pleasure to their partner.

Hence my video this week "How to satisfy your man: 8 sex tips".

It is a tutorial focused on the female audience, that is, a video for women who want to satisfy their male partners, but beware!

You already know that in Sexperimentando we are not heterosexual, so we can all extract good tips from this video.

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What are the 10 sex tips that I include in the video? Take note!

  • Take the initiative: we are too used to them always having the upper hand and why not give them the satisfaction of being seduced? It's about time we took the reins, they love it!
  • Be sexy, dare to behave in a more sensual way. Show yourself as you are because I assure you he will like it and, above all, if he judges you with a stereotype, it is clear that this man is not for you.
  • Out complex! We come to have fun or not? Do you think he cares if you are better or worse shaved if you have gained or lost a kilo or something similar? He focuses on pleasure, focuses on yourself, and let yourself go ...
  • If you don't know something, ask. If you want something, ask for it. Your guy is not a fortune teller and neither are you so communicate before, during, and after sex.
  • They tend to like the "here I catch you, here I kill you": go to hell!
  • Since you are going to get to the point go directly to her genitals, she will love that you stimulate her most sensitive part.
  • Remember that the most sensitive part of the penis is the glans, although many men love the stimulation of the testicles or the perineum.
  • Erotic toys and cosmetics can be your allies and they love it too. The stimulating gels will give you explosive sensations and the vibration will take you to discover new heights of pleasure.
  • As a star sex toy for men are the masturbating eggs with which you can play with him.
  • Finally, the tip of the tips: COMMUNICATION. A good lover is one who feels free, who asks, listens, asks, takes no for an answer, and does not cut a hair. Do not forget!

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