how to maintain pennis strong

One important thing: if you notice anything strange about your erections, before or after, go to the doctor.


If you are what you eat, I am a gigantic Cheeto. I have accepted my destiny. But you don't have to: eating poorly could affect your erections.

To have a good erection you require your cardiovascular system to function properly. Therefore, the food for the maintain penis strong is the food for the heart.

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The secret to maintaining healthy circulation is nitric oxide (NO).

NO helps the dilation and nutrition of the arteries and is found in various foods: vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains.

Other foods also help circulation, such as chocolate (in small quantities), wine (not so much that you lose your erection and end up calling your ex to cry), among others.

It is important that you chew your food. Maybe you love to swallow it as soon as you put it in your mouth (and also food) but your tongue has several bacteria that serve to absorb the NO from the food you taste and for them to act, you need to chew.


It is also worth avoiding certain foods. There is increasing evidence that eating too many products of animal origin is linked to diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as prostate cancer (watch out here, men who believe eating meat is a demonstration of masculinity).

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Not that you should give up meat, but it would help a lot if you reduced its consumption.

And by the way, you would be helping the planet, as the livestock industry generates massive amounts of carbon dioxide and pollution.

Can nourishing your penis strong be part of the fight against climate change? Only if you believe in yourself.

Phosphates are also worth avoiding. Phosphates are additives that are found in various processed foods (such as in Cheetos that give me identity, but also in soft drinks) and

when you consume them at high levels it can cause calcification of your arteries, causing erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases, yikes.

Bottom line: don't cock-block your own maintain penis strong: eat well.

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The secret to a good erection is a good heart.

And although I do not mean that you stop being a fuckboy, which would not hurt either, here between us, it is important to keep your circulation as optimal as possible.

It is also worth taking care of your heart to avoid a heart attack, I suppose, but then you have to have priorities.

Regular aerobic exercise has proven to be a good remedy for this.

Be careful with two things: too much exercise could cause a drop in testosterone (although this should only concern you if you are a high-performance athlete) and it seems that in some people prolonged use of the bicycle could squeeze and injure nerves and veins of the maintain penis strong, although this can be solved by relieving the pressure when standing on the pedals or changing the seat for a more comfortable one (for example his face).

Also, remember to do Kegel exercises. Kegels are the Crossfit of the genitals.

Doing 3 or 5 sets can have benefits like having better erections, delaying ejaculation, and, apparently, more intense orgasms. Nothing bad. No, Kegel exercises are not just for women. Look:



There is an area in your brain called the anterior cingulate cortex that is responsible for motivating the desire to see new and different things.

When you watch a lot of pornography, that area of ​​the brain first gets excited but then gets bored and asks for more.

A little stimulation is not bad, but if you do it too long, that area of ​​the brain will become less sensitive and will require more stimulation to feel satisfied, which translates into more difficulty getting aroused and having erections.

The putamen, another brain structure that participates in the process of sending signals from the brain to the penis strong for its erection (as well as the process of making me laugh when I name it out loud because I am 5 years old), also becomes inactive when you watch a lot of pornography.


Penises are like cigarettes: I don't like cigars. But penises don't like cigarettes either, because they affect NO, so I guess everything is in balance and penises and cigarettes and I may not like each other in peace.

Or I do not know. I am not a poet or a mathematician, what do you expect of me?

Too much alcohol also affects erections, because it damages the nerves that stimulate the penis (half of alcoholics suffer from erectile dysfunction), as well as it affects NO.

Cocaine and opioids are other drugs that can affect your maintain penis strong.


When you sleep, testosterone emerges, promoting the circulatory and nervous health of your maintained penis strong.

With just a few nights of sleeping less than 5 hours, your testosterone levels will drop significantly (something like age 10 or 15 years).

Also, lack of sleep is linked to irritability, stress, and depression, which can kill your libido. Yikes, x4.

So put on your pajamas and sleep at your own time. Your penis is begging you.


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