Lost Books of the Bible | Shocking Truth about Jesus Christ


The Lost Books of the Bible talks frequently of supernatural mending through crafted by Jesus Christ and confidence in God.

Our Lord can give solace and recuperate to you and your friends and family.

At the point when you are overpowered with medical conditions, terrible news, or relationship battles, the Word of God can be your wellspring of heavenly assistance.

Try not to surrender! God guarantees more noteworthy things available - a future loaded up with guarantee and expectation!

This assortment of Scriptures on recuperating will give consolation, quality, and solace as you center around God's mending power.

Download your very own duplicate of Healing books of Bible Verses HERE.

Print these and take them with you for the duration of the day and keep them by your bedside to help yourself to remember the recuperating force and solace accessible to you!

Imploring Scripture back to God is a great method to zero in on his guarantees and arrangement.

You can implore these books of Bible Verses for all to hear over your life, ailment, and your friends and family.

Likewise, here is a short petition for recuperating that you can utilize:

Father, help me to maintain my emphasis on you when the agony and hurt are overpowering.

Help me to be loyal and to see the great and endowments that encompass me.

It would be ideal if you reinforce my brain, heart, and body, and mend me today.

May the Holy Spirit control me in harmony and solace today. So be it."


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