Penis enlargement | How to Maintain Penis Pump | Effects and Safe

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There is a multitude of penis enlargement advertisements on the internet, particularly on porn sites. In some cases, they promise to increase the penis pump up to 5 and 7 cm by means of pills, vacuum pumps, extensions, etc ...

Let's start by talking about the normal penis size.

Most of the penises that we examine in the consultation are totally normal despite the fact that many men consult for it.

Modern society, and movies, in particular, have related penis size to male virility; In most cases, the size of the flaccid penis pump ranges between 8 and 13 cm and in erection between 13 and 18 cm.

A rule of thumb to know approximately the size of the erect penis pump is to stretch it and approximate its erect size.

Penises shorter than 7.5 cm are not common and are therefore labeled micropenis.

Penis enlargement pills do not work and there is no scientific evidence that has proven their effectiveness.


The penis enlargements that we usually use by surgeons who are dedicated to penile surgery can achieve an increase in penis size of 1-2 cm after prolonged use;

We use them primarily to avoid retraction of the penis pump after Peyronie's surgery.

vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps allow the penis to be filled with venous blood through a suction process causing an artificial erection;

We also prescribe them after prostate or Peyronie's cancer surgery to create a blood boost. The patient should wear a ring at the base of the penis pump to prevent blood loss from the corpora cavernosa.

This ring should be removed within 20-30 minutes maximum to avoid significant injury to the penis.

The exercises with the vacuum pump are intended to stretch the penis but do not achieve a real lengthening of the penis.

Continuous stretching of the penis pump through exercises can achieve minimal effect after a long time of exercise.

In summary, no non-surgical technique to date has been shown to achieve effective lengthening.

In relation to surgery, the most used technique is the section of the suspensory ligament of the penis, which is what "holds" the penis from the pubic bone to its internal part,

which is the one that is introduced into the pelvic region. In many cases, patients also present infra pubic fat that advises liposuction. In reality, the penis pump is not lengthened but is "pulled" out of the abdomen.

Another technique that can complement this surgery is a scrotoplasty since there are patients who present scrotums with a lot of skin that tends to hide part of the shaft of the penis.

Other general measures are trimming the pubic hair and exercising since you can lose weight by improving the abdominal aesthetic appearance.

In summary, most of the penis pump sizes that we treat are normal making it very difficult to achieve a real lengthening except with surgery.


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