6 Fruit Smoothie Recipes For Before and After Training

smoothie diet before and after

It is no secret to anyone that physical activity and nutrition go hand in hand. There is no use in spending hours in the gym if you forget to include healthy foods in your diet.

The body needs enough energy to be able to perform all the exercises that you propose efficiently. Likewise, you need the nutrients you need to recover from a tough training session.

Recently, thanks to social networks, fruit shakes or smoothies diet before and after have become popular. Hundreds of people show off - positively, of course - their colorful and creamy juices on social media.

This is how “juice therapy” was born, a method that is based on the combination of fruits and vegetables to create a smoothies diet before and after with detoxifying, slimming, anti-inflammatory properties, among others.

The incorporation of fruit smoothies diet before and after the diet has many points in its favor. Besides being delicious, they are very nutritious, they provide vitamins that the body needs, they are easy to prepare and very versatile.

That is why athletes or people who exercise constantly can include them in their diets and take advantage of these magnificent benefits.


Here are some combinations for you to enjoy before and after going to the gym:

1. Green smoothie diet recipe and ingredients

Green juices have gained incredible fame in recent years. As they are very light, you can take them before starting your exercise routine.

Combine bananas, a handful of properly washed spinach, green apples, and the juice of a lemon. To increase the creaminess of the smoothie diet before and after, freeze the bananas beforehand. Logically, you should peel them first and then put them in the freezer.

If you want to spice it up, add some grated ginger. The combination of this Asian spice with lemon is special to detoxify the body and also to lose weight.

Take it in the morning if you are looking to lose a few extra pounds. Nutrition Without More has the best tips to lose weight, and best of all, without spending a penny!

2. Patilla, cucumber, and lemon smoothie diet recipe and ingredients

This alternative is also designed to hydrate your body - since all the ingredients have a high water content - and prepare you to sweat in your workouts.

Like the previous option, you can drink it calmly before starting physical activity because you will not feel heavy. Feeling that decreases exercise performance.

Although it does not convince you at all, the cucumber gives a delicious touch to the juice, go ahead and try it!


3. Orange, carrot, and milky smoothie diet before and after recipe and ingredients

This orange juice is extremely refreshing. You can chop the milky into fine squares, squeeze the orange juice and grate the previously peeled carrot.

We all know the importance of orange as a source of vitamin C, which is an essential requirement of our body.

The milky has digestive properties that will help us to better assimilate food. Likewise, the carrot has a significant amount of minerals and vitamins.

Now, after training, we need stronger options that help us rebuild muscle fibers, if our goal is to gain muscle mass and satisfy hunger. We offer you the following options:

4. Protein Shake recipe and ingredients

Mix a tablespoon of your favorite protein supplement with frozen bananas, cocoa powder for a delicious sweet touch, and milk. If you are vegan, use coconut or almond milk.

This smoothie diet before and after has an incredible satiating effect, so you avoid afternoon cravings and the temptations to eat something unhealthy.

5. Recipe and ingredients of Smoothie diet with yogurt

For this delicious mixture, we will use natural yogurt, bananas, and frozen strawberries. It is so rich that you will feel like you are eating ice cream, but without too many calories and processed elements.

6.Avocado Smoothie diet recipe and ingredients

Yes, you are not reading wrong, we are going to include avocado in a smoothie diet before and after! Avocado is a spectacular ingredient, rich in beneficial fats for the body. Plus, it gives the smoothie a great texture.

We will combine it with pineapple, bananas, and spinach. It is so nutritious that it is a complete meal.

Remember, take them without sugar to avoid adding extra calories that we do not need. To all these combinations you can add oats and chia seeds if you want to take them to the next level when it comes to nutrition.


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