Do home remedies cure covid-19? | Socal Herbal Remedies


The advance of the pandemic caused by covid-19 has prompted the search for home socal herbal remedies or alternative treatments for a way to prevent or treat the disease.

The effectiveness of these ‘recipes’ that circulate on the Internet raises doubts among the population. Scientific studies about SARS-CoV-2 have advanced at an accelerated pace in recent months and in the eighth month of 2020

there are already vaccines that are in the most advanced stages of their development. However, so far there is no scientifically proven treatment to prevent or cure covid-19.

This is stated by Marco Navarro, professor of Pharmacology with a specialty in Internal Medicine at the University of Las Américas (UDLA).

Navarro agrees that the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and other foods help to improve the immune system, but as long as they are consumed regularly and in the necessary doses.

A balanced diet is enough to meet the needs of vitamins and micronutrients that the body requires so that the entire gear of the immune system works properly, says the expert.

The problem, says Navarro, arises when people do not comply with the natural intake of nutrients and it is believed that consuming a high dose can compensate for the previous deficit.

The body is made to take in a certain amount of nutrients and the excess is generally eliminated in the urine, he says of the idea of ​​consuming vitamin tablets or injecting 'megadoses' of them.

The doctor advises that when going to a consultation it is necessary for the patient to inform about other pre-existing diseases, the medication, and even the home socal herbal remedies or natural products that he takes.

In some cases, the interaction of chemicals can produce adverse effects on the body or nullify their effect, he explains.

Are home socal herbal remedies effective against covid-19? The University of Lethbridge in Canada published a report detailing that certain active elements in cannabis could increase the resistance of cells to the virus.

The body produces endogenous cannabinoids that intervene in the immune system and in certain memory processes,

explains the doctor and clarifies the research on cannabis and its properties is still under development.

Ginger, raisins, aloe vera, cinnamon, honey, chamomile, orange, or eucalyptus can alleviate certain symptoms of minor respiratory conditions, but their effectiveness as a cure for COVID-19 is not proven.

There is also uncertainty about the use of chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, magnesium chloride, and other products.

If the therapy is not suggested or accompanied by a doctor there is a risk of applying it incorrectly, he warns.

Navarro explains that the role of the doctor is to inform the patient about the favorable and adverse effects of certain foods and chemicals.

It indicates as a risk the placebo effect that an empirical or alternative treatment can cause, which encourages the patient to abandon formal treatment.

In the best of cases, they generate a subjective improvement.

In the treatment of patients for covid-19, the doctor explains that it is also necessary to consider that anxiety is important in the diagnosis since in some cases it can increase the symptoms of the disease.


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