Strikepen Review | Free Black Tactical Strikepen Review


Many can also have no longer heard of the Strikepen, however, it should be on every person’s radar.

Strikepen is a protection tool that can be used in dire conditions. at the outdoors, it looks as if a normal pen.

however, inside, there is something an awful lot more than meets the eye.

Being lightweight and small in size is simply the start. inner, the Strikepen hides equipment that may shop life in instances of need. at this time, the makers of Strikepen, Ape Survival, are giving this pen out to humans totally free.

You heard proper; the pen is loose, as the employer is attempting to get the phrase out approximately this splendid product. instead of a gun, the Strikepen is a splendid alternative for people desiring a self-protection approach. examine this Strikepen evaluation to get a full perspective on this tremendous product.


Strike Pen assessment

it's far no secret that the world may be a frightening region.

With murders, terrorist assaults, political unrest, and different lousy issues, humans want the Strikepen greater than ever.

It changed into created to assist combat returned.

Ape Survival has an intention in thoughts that they need to obtain when customers have the Strikepen of their fingers.

The goal is to educate and inform American households and offer them the techniques to live on herbal failures and terrorist attacks plus improve self-protection and barren region capabilities.

Right here are a few methods that Ape Survival prides itself on running in the direction of its objective:

Stainless design – every Strikepen is made with the aid of hand the use of substances like aluminum that is clean to perfection.

This isn't always simply simple aluminum we are talking about here. plane aluminum is used within the creation of army planes and the identical may be said with the Strikepen.

Maintains Rust Away – With a metallic clip on each Strikepen, you will be able to take it everywhere with you. also, irrespective of how lengthy you have this product, you may not fear approximately it rusting.

LED Flashlight – Having a flashlight on a pen might not appear like a huge thing, but it without a doubt is.

With the Strikepen being a tactical, self-defense device, there may be a no different product like it. adding a flashlight to the mixture simplest heightens its price.

DNA collection technique – If an attacker comes close to, you will be able to pattern the DNA with one strike of the blade.

This will be of fantastic use if the attacker someway gets away so that you can deliver it to the police.

Guidelines – each Strikepen accompanies a manual of directions to assist you with bridling all the abilities of this item.

Put forth an attempt to peruse them cautiously, so you are fit for understanding the total you have to know.


StrikePen review

More guides – Ape Survival adds schooling guides to get you training together with your Strikepen. sure, it's far vital which you practice along with your Strikepen to always be ready.

Accent Case – Pens with a case are usually best, but the Strikepen case is wanted. the cardboard case, that's black, is superb to preserve all the functions of your pen.

Fee – As said earlier, Ape Survival is giving this product away without spending a dime.

All you have to do is pay for delivery and handling. Then, you'll get hold of your Strikepen in only a few days.

commonly, you will be shopping for this product for $ fifty-four. ninety-five-plus transport and handling.

however, in the interim, Ape Survival is dedicated to getting a Strikepen into as many people’s arms as viable.

This makes the Strikepen available to all styles of human beings.

those are simply some of the brilliant matters to love about the Strikepen.

it's far the gold fashionable of tactical pens available on the market these days.

The Strikepen is absolutely criminal, so there ought to be no issue when using it in self-defense situations.

One blow from the Strikepen and you may be capable to influence clear of a chance to separate yourself from an attacker.



  • There are exceptional attachments you may transfer out.
  • Strikepen is light-weight in nature.
  • this is a cheaper product that will save a lifestyle.
  • The pen feature will not put on down through the years.
  • The product is a super multi-use tool.
  • The multi-device extension has a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver piece, knife, and HEX wrench.
  • LED flashlight is shiny and powerful.
  • It gained be detected when going thru safety at the airport.


you can’t locate the Strikepen in stores (handiest on-line).

The pen does now not work as nicely because it has been used for self-defense.

This noticeably new product has not been around very long.

Does It truly paint?

The Strikepen is perfect for a hand-to-hand fight.

It became created to closing, in addition to being efficient whilst you want it the maximum.

With its many functions, the Strikepen can double as a writing utensil and may be used for self-defense.

So, the Strikepen works as it has so much to offer individuals in this day and age.

There are increasingly more testimonials coming forward approximately how the Strikepen has helped save their lives,

so it's miles running for increasingly more human beings each day.

The Strikepen is exceptional for young ladies who need a little conveyed insurance of their satchel, or for a man who keeps his pen in his shirt pocket. irrespective of wherein you have your Strikepen, preserve it close-by means of, so you can use it at a second’s notice. you may be satisfied having it accessible.


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